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I'm originally from Sheffield, though you might not guess that from my accent.

My natural speaking voice is "soft Northern"/neutral, and has been described as warm, vibrant, and engaging. I love to play with different styles of delivery, am keen to collaborate, and excel at making a performance feel genuine

I've always enjoyed exploring and after completing my Degree in Drama, I moved to New Zealand, where I lived and worked for 5 years, in Wellington, Queenstown and Auckland. In between traveling I was lucky enough to build on my acting experience through theatre, training, short films and even a couple of episodes on Shortland Street (if you know, you know) and generally enjoyed the kiwi way of life. 


I moved back to Sheffield when I returned to the UK and have made a life for myself here amongst the Peaks. I continue to train in performance and technique and am committed to continuing to challenge myself.

When I'm not performing, you'll find me with my family, illustrating something or enjoying a mini adventure running through the surrounding countryside.

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