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I'm originally from Sheffield, though you probably wouldn't guess that from my accent.

My natural speaking voice is neutral, with a sprinkle of the north, and has been described as warm, vibrant, and youthful. I love to play with different styles of delivery, am keen to collaborate, and excel at making a performance feel genuine

I've always enjoyed exploring and after completing my Degree in Drama, I moved to New Zealand, where I lived and worked for 5 years, in Wellington, Queenstown and Auckland. In between traveling I was lucky enough to build on my acting experience through theatre, training, short films and even a couple of episodes on Shortland Street (if you know, you know) and generally enjoyed the kiwi way of life. 


I moved back to Sheffield when I returned to the UK and have made a life for myself here amongst the Peaks. I continue to train in performance and technique and am committed to continuing to challenge myself.

When I'm not performing, you'll find me with my family, illustrating something or enjoying a mini adventure running through the surrounding countryside.


I am proudly part of the Spotlight Directory. You can find examples of my work there, or peruse below.




Commercial | Carers First | Narrator

Brand Film | Capita | Voiceover

Corporate Animation | Leicestershire Partnership Trust | Narration

Online Commercial | Dopsu | Voiceover

Explainer Videos | Tekla | Voiceover

Corporate Animation | Rail Delivery Group | Voiceover

VelawoodsEnglish | Pitstop Productions | Immersive E-learning
'Gaslight' Bella Manningham | The Lantern Theatre |  Theatre
Tennis promo | Lawn Tennis Association | Photoshoot
Mike Brewer Motors | 'wife' | Website Commercial
'The Signal' |  Frontier Media (in production) |  DocuDrama
'The Eschatrilogy' Amy- | Safehouse Pictures UK | Feature Film
Actor for Mock Trial |  Sheffield Law Court | Other
'A Recipe for Time Travel' | Louise- Pull Focus Productions | Short Film
'Same River Twice' |  Her- [sic] | Short Film
'Ian Huddleston & The Expectations' | Solo Singer | Music Video
Actor for Clinical Exams |  NZREX | Other
'Albert Make Us Laugh' Enid Nuttall |  Stables Theatre | Theatre
Workshop a script | Unitec | Theatre
'The Sanctuary' Sara |  48hr Film Festival |  Short Film
'The Promotion' Hayley |  NZFA |  Short Film
'Shortland Street' Molly | South Pacific Pictures |  TV Drama
'Shortland Street' Larissa Michaels |  South Pacific Pictures |  TV Drama
'Nightmare' Katherine Willis |  Dolphin Theatre |  Theatre
'Max' (A lead) Alice |  NZFA | Short Film
'Lipstick Dreams' Jenny | Howick Little Theatre | Theatre
'Life Sentence' | Auckland University |  Theatre
'Stuck on You' (Lead) Claire | Auckland University | Short Film
We are one | Saatchi & Saatchi 'Office Worker' | Commercial
'Hay Fever' Clara |Sheffield Children's Festival |Theatre

Training & Workshops


Victoria Atkin   |   Voiceover and Performance Capture Classes 

Dian Perry   |   1-2-1 Coaching  |   Dian Perry

The Voiceover Network   |   COMMERCIALS - Sell The Human Connection   |  Elley-Ray Hennessey

Silver-tongued Productions   |   Voice Coaching  |   Tim Stockwell

The Voiceover Network   |   Cartoon Animation   |  Bob Bergen

The Voiceover Network  |   Complete Guide to Voiceover   |   Rachael Naylor

The Crucible   |   Casting Coach |   Ness Evans

The Covert Theatre   |   Improvisation  |  Multiple

Auckland Theatre Company  |  Theatre & Screen Acting   |   Mutliple

Casting Link   |   USA Accent & Screen Acting Technique |   Terri De'Ath

Independent   |  Screen Acting  |  Multiple

John Moore's University  |  BA Drama   |   Multiple

Special Skills

Singing (Grade 5)

Experienced in improvisation
Presenting and MC experience

Driving (and Scuba Diving!) Licence

Qualification in Art and Design, specialising in illustration.

All round good sort.

Piqued your interest?

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