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Since completing my acting degree I have been lucky enough to work in TV, film and theatre. The skills I learnt through formal and subsequent training have been paramount in my success as an Actor and Voice Actor; never more so then when creating believable characters and working in performance capture.

I am proudly part of the Spotlight Directory. You can find examples of my work there by clicking on the Spotlight logo, or just reach out if you would like to know more. 

Have a project in mind? I am more than happy to provide a self tape or script read.

I am also a proud member of Equity.

Spotlight logo for Jen Lawton-Hunt Voiceover and Actor
Equity logo for Jen Lawton-Hunt Voiceover and Actor

I am passionate about consistently training so I keep improving and to continue to challenge myself.


Stephane Cornicard 1-2-1 Coaching 

Kirsty Gilmore | Characters in Video Games workshop

Performance Capture Academy | Performance Capture and Voice for Video Games

Victoria Atkin   |   Voiceover and Performance Capture Classes 

Dian Perry   |   1-2-1 Coaching  |   Dian Perry

The Voiceover Network   |   COMMERCIALS - Sell The Human Connection   |  Elley-Ray Hennessey

Silver-tongued Productions   |   Voice Coaching  |   Tim Stockwell

The Voiceover Network   |   Cartoon Animation   |  Bob Bergen

The Voiceover Network  |   Complete Guide to Voiceover   |   Rachael Naylor

The Crucible   |   Casting Coach |   Ness Evans

The Covert Theatre   |   Improvisation  |  Multiple

Auckland Theatre Company  |  Theatre & Screen Acting   |   Mutliple

Casting Link   |   USA Accent & Screen Acting Technique |   Terri De'Ath

Independent   |  Screen Acting  |  Multiple

John Moore's University  |  BA Drama   |   Multiple


Special Skills

Piqued your interest?

Performance Capture

Singing (Grade 5)

Experienced in improvisation
Presenting and MC experience

Driving (and Scuba Diving!) Licence

Qualification in Art and Design, specialising in illustration.

All round good sort.

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