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  • Jen Lawton-Hunt

Character building

Updated: May 20, 2022

When I first launched my Voiceover business I booked a session with Dian Perry as I'd heard wonderful things about her skill as a coach and as Voiceover Artist. She was unbelievably kind. I was coming from an acting (onscreen/theatre) background and they are very different disciplines, though acting training is extremely useful for Voiceover too. I read for her and she was really impressed. Dian suggests you record you reads before and after her direction so you can hear the difference and remember the wisdom (my words not hers). This was extremely useful advice, but what was equally as powerful was the recordings I had of Dian's positive comments about my performances. Her telling me to get out of my own way, that I had real talent and the only thing that would hold me back was me. I'll always been grateful for this kindness.

I love character acting, I love to embody a new character, understand their motivations, feel their physicality and find their voice. This is an area of Voiceover I plan to do a lot more of, its also an area that Dian excels in. I've been thinking about it for awhile and I've finally booked in my first character development session with her. Watch this space!

If you want know more about Dian and her work - which I would heartedly recommend, including info about her epic book, head to

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